What else can we offer?
What else can we offer?
Focus on business development, and entrust all other processes to us.
Financial accounting and audit
Conducting business audits, controlling the distribution of financial flows, and maintaining accounting records.
Legal support
Consultations, preparation of necessary documents, certification, organization processes, comprehensive support of a lawyer on request.
Company management
Receiving calls using your scripts, processing incoming correspondence, maintaining relationships with banks and other structures, updating licenses, document management, and so on.
Documents legalization
Translation and preparation of documents, passing all legalization procedures in a short time without involving the customer.
License update
Interaction with all structures and execution of documents without involving the customer.
Liquidation of companies
Preparation of documents, interaction with structures, settlement of disputed processes in a short time.
Registration with the tax Committee
Passing the necessary registration procedures, preparing documents, interacting with all the necessary structures in the shortest possible time.
Assistance in obtaining a Resident Visa
Legal assistance, quick registration of documents, assistance in passing a medical examination.
Assistance in obtaining a driver's license
Organization of training, possibility of individual training, practical training, preparation for the exam in the theoretical part.
IT services (websites and programming)
Develop simple and complex technical products to optimize and expand your business.
Assistance in renting offices
Selection of premises according to the stated requirements, departure to the object, photo report, verification of documentation and conclusion of contracts.
Assistance in buying a real estate
Selection of options according to the customer's requirements, visits to objects, support of purchase and sale transactions by competent specialists.
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