Business at mainland UAE
Business at mainland UAE
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Start your business-story in the UAE today!

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A UAE mainland company is a business that is open in the United Arab Emirates and registered in one of the country's economic development departments. You can engage in almost any activity, whether it is commercial, industrial, commercial or tourist.
Types of licenses
Having a license is the main and mandatory requirement of the UAE. There are 3 types of business licenses:
Commercial license
All types
of trading activities
Industrial license
Maintenance of manufacturing
and industrial activities
Professional license
Professions, services, craftsmen
and artisans
The peculiarity of business in the UAE is the composition of shareholders. The holder of 51% of the shares of the mainland company must be a local partner-a citizen of the UAE. His role in the company can be both formal (only signing contracts and resolving legal issues) and managerial-active.
There is also an option where 100% of the shares remain with the business owner, but there are restrictions on the type of activity.
Types of organisations
Limited liability company
The number of participants-holders can consist of a group of 5 to 20 people, each of whom is responsible, proportional to the percentage of shares that they own.
Professional Mainland Company
Such a company is an organization whose owners hold 100% of the shares without attracting a third-party sponsor.
Branch office
This means opening a representative office in the UAE for an existing company. If this is a commercial activity, then the branch must work according to the business rules and regulations of the UAE.
Types of activities
- Fitness and sports
- Import and export
- Production
- Retailer
- HoReCa
- Health
In order to open a company in the UAE, you need:

- Certified copies of the passport of all shareholders and managers
- Copy of the UAE residence visa (if it's available)
- Certificate of no objection (NOC) from a valid UAE visa sponsor
- Confirmed addresses for each shareholder
- Summary of each shareholder
- Professional / Bank recommendation letter for each shareholder

If the shareholder is a legal entity, the documents must include:

- Memorandum and articles of Association of the company
- Council resolution agreeing to register a new LLC in the UAE
- Power of attorney to the General Director to create a new LLC

The required documentation varies depending on the type of business activity, legal entity, type of shareholder, and the area in which you are launching the business.
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